Geological Serivce

Geological Service

We believe that each project is unique and therefore requires a unique approach. We enjoy working closely with our clients to create custom-tailored solutions for each project. Each service we provide undergoes relentless continual improvement so that our services are not only the best around, they also offer the best value for our clients. 

Geological Services Include:

Our Track Record

Our geologists combine exploration expertise with innovations gained from operations around the world in order to work closely with clients and find solutions to unlock the potential of their projects. Our track record includes projects of varying sizes and complexities, including:

-Executive Winkie drilling program, core logging and core sampling, rock sampling for Beyond Lithium Inc.

-Drilling support, core logging, soil/rock sampling, IP geophysics surveying for Jaxon Mining Inc.

-Geochemistry sampling for Nickel North Exploration Corp.

-Core logging, core sampling, QAQC for Omineca Metals.

-Project management, core logging, geochemistry sampling program, and Areoal magnetic surveying for Green River Gold Corp.

What are the benefits of Geology?

Geological observations have profound impacts on our everyday lives. The generation of geological information is often helpful for decision-making across a wide range of societal activities, such as the development, sustainable use, and protection of groundwater; environmental impact assessments and remediation plans; the exploration and development of minerals and energy sources; understanding and managing the causes of geologic hazards; the construction of infrastructure projects; city planning, including zoning, land development, and landscaping; and regional planning, such as siting and permitting industrial facilities. Geological information plays a crucial role in addressing sustainable development challenges and contributes to enhanced decision-making processes. Significant economic benefits are attached to the use of geological data. Natural processes and human activities often cause stress to the environmental system’s capacity. Therefore, having reliable information about such impacts is a critical input into many decision-making processes involving potentially significant environmental impacts, urban expansion, and the extraction and management of non-renewable resources.